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1 - WeddingS & ElopementS

Elegant Weddings and Intimate Elopements

Personalized Approach: 
Your wedding is unique, and my mission as a photographer is to capture every moment with authenticity and elegance that reflect your personal story. I adapt to your style and preferences to create images that resonate with you, highlighting the love and connection that binds you. With a personalized approach, I ensure your wedding and elopement photos are as unique as your celebration.

Regional Experience: My deep knowledge of Provence and the French Riviera allows me to offer you an exceptional photographic experience. I know the most picturesque and secret spots, from blooming lavender fields to perched villages and azure shores. This regional expertise is invaluable in choosing the perfect settings for your photos, capturing the very essence of these iconic places.

Specializing in capturing weddings and elopements in Provence and the French Riviera, I commit to immortalizing every moment of your special day with authenticity and elegance.

My goal is to provide you with photographic memories that narrate your love story while showcasing the natural beauty and romantic charm of these regions. Let me accompany you on this magnificent journey, and together, let's create images that will forever be etched in your hearts.

2 - Destination Weddings

As a photographer for destination weddings in Europe, I am passionate about capturing your love in the most incredible settings. From the gentleness of Provence to the idyllic beaches of Italy and the wild landscapes of Spain, each location offers a unique and romantic backdrop. My extensive knowledge of these destinations allows me to guide you to the best spots for breathtaking photos, ensuring each shot reflects the beauty and atmosphere of your chosen wedding location.

Planning and Coordination. Understanding the complexity of planning a wedding abroad, I commit to working closely with you to coordinate every photographic detail. From the initial consultation to the delivery of images, I am here to assist in logistical planning, advise on the best times of day for shooting, and ensure your photographic experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. My goal is for you to fully enjoy your day, knowing that every precious moment will be captured with care and professionalism.

Your destination wedding in Europe deserves photographic coverage that captures every moment with majesty and emotion.

Whether you choose to marry on the romantic shores of Italy, in a Proven├žal bastide, or any other enchanting location in Europe, I am dedicated to documenting your day with meticulous attention to the details of this beautiful day. My approach is to capture the essence of your love and the beauty of your destination, creating photographic memories that will transport you back to the magical atmosphere of your wedding. Let me narrate your love story through images that reflect the grandeur and emotion of your union in Europe.

3 - Pre-Wedding & Engagements Session

Elegant Engagement Sessions: Crafting Your Love Story in Pictures

Capturing Intimacy. Engagement and pre-wedding sessions are more than just a series of photos; they are a celebration of your unique journey as a couple. I specialize in capturing these intimate moments, where each smile, glance, and gesture tells a part of your love story. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to get accustomed to the lens before your wedding and create a collection of images that reflect your relationship in its most pure and sincere state.

Magical Locations. Choosing the right setting is essential to reflect the essence of your love. Whether you dream of a photo session in the lavender fields of Provence, on the sunny beaches of the French Riviera, or in the picturesque alleys of an Italian village, I am here to guide you to the most magical places. My experience as a photographer in the South of France and Italy allows me to offer you iconic sites and hidden gems that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Immortalize the beginning of your journey towards marriage with a personalized engagement or pre-wedding session. Each photo will be a testament to your love and complicity, captured in locations that amplify the beauty and emotion of your relationship. As your photographer, I commit to creating a relaxing and memorable experience, leaving you with images that remind you why you chose to spend the rest of your lives together. Prepare to share your love story through snapshots that celebrate your unique and eternal commitment.

4 - Family Session

Every family has a unique story, and my photo sessions are designed to capture the essence of these special bonds. Whether it's a family gathering in Provence, a reunion on the French Riviera, or an intimate moment at home, I strive to capture natural interactions and authentic emotions. My goal is to document the laughter, hugs, and even the moments of sweet madness, so you can relive these precious times through the years.

Relaxed Atmosphere. I understand that feeling comfortable in front of the lens isn't always easy, especially for the little ones. That's why I commit to creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere, allowing every family member to feel at ease. Whether we meet in your favorite garden, on a tranquil beach, or in your lively home, I adapt to your environment to capture your family naturally and authentically.

Give yourself to a family photo session in Provence where every smile, every embrace, and every burst of laughter is carefully and creatively immortalized. I am here to capture the essence of your family, creating images filled with love and togetherness. These photos will become family treasures, passed down through generations, reminding of the bonds and shared moments. Prepare for a memorable experience, where each snapshot tells a part of your unique family story.

5 - Portraits

Portrait photography is much more than a simple image capture; it's the art of revealing your personality. My passion as a photographer is to discover and capture your unique personality, emotions, and essence. Whether it's a professional portrait exuding confidence and professionalism, or a personal portrait reflecting your personality and style, my approach is always centered on you. I strive to create images that not only faithfully represent you but also narrate your story in an artistic and profound way.

Personalized Sessions: Each portrait session is a unique experience, fully tailored to your needs and preferences. Before each session, I take the time to get to know you, understand your expectations, and discuss your ideas. Whether you desire a portrait in the beautiful natural settings of Provence, the urban ambiance of the French Riviera, or a place dear to you, I adapt to create an environment that suits you. My goal is to make you comfortable and guide you throughout the session to capture authentic and lively images.

My artistic portraits are designed to reveal your essence and capture your personality. Whether for professional or personal needs, each session is a celebration of who you are, transformed into visual art. Together, let's create images that not only represent you but also narrate your unique story.

6 - Commercial & Editorial

Commercial & Editorial Photography. My experience with various brands and publications allows me to capture the essence of your message and translate it into powerful visuals. Whether for an advertising campaign, a fashion lookbook, or a magazine article, I commit to providing high-quality images that reinforce your brand identity and tell your story compellingly.

Impactful Visual Content: In today's visually saturated world, it's crucial that your content stands out. I strive to create images that grab attention and leave a lasting impression. Using a combination of creative techniques and a deep understanding of your brand, I produce visuals that not only beautify but also effectively communicate your message. My goal is to create visual content that not only aligns with your brand strategy but also elevates it.

I am dedicated to transforming your vision into impactful images. I collaborate closely with brands, agencies, and publications to create visual content that not only tells a story but also strengthens an identity and engages the audience. Together, let's explore how my photography skills can help propel your brand or publication to new visual heights.