I'm Florent, I like things clean and classic. I think your wedding photos deserve to be as epic as your love story.


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Every couple has a unique story, and as a photographer, I am convinced that understanding this story is key to capturing images that resonate with emotion and authenticity. My personalized approach allows me to create images that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also deeply personal.

Establishing a Relationship of Trust. Even before I start photographing, my goal is to establish a relationship of trust and understanding with you. This begins with exchanges, where your desires, expectations, the vision you have of your wedding, and your ideas for the big day are carefully studied. This initial step is crucial to creating a space where you feel comfortable and confident to share your expectations and desires.

Exchanges and Meetings: To better know you and grasp the nuances of your relationship, your aesthetic tastes, and what matters most to you, I offer exchanges before the big day (remotely or in person) to better understand your expectations and desires. This allows me to better understand you, guiding my vision to capture moments that truly reflect who you are.

A Tailor-Made Experience: Understanding your story is not just a step in the process; it's an ongoing approach that better guides me on your wedding day. From selecting locations to capturing those fleeting glances and intimate moments, every detail and moment of your wedding is approached with personalized attention. I aim to exceed your expectations, offering you a tailor-made experience that celebrates your unique event.

3 - Better Telling Your Story

Natural & Authentic Images. Inspired by the picturesque landscapes of the South of France, from Provence to the Côte d'Azur, and the colorful and lively Italian style. My style is imbued with romance and naturalness. I strive to capture the essence of each couple, their intimacy and complicity, through elegant and authentic images.

Natural light is essential in my work, highlighting the spontaneous beauty and unique moments. I strive to create images that reflect the reality of each moment, adding a magical and vibrant touch. Whether it's a gentle sunset or the diffuse light of a summer afternoon, every element is carefully considered to produce photos that are both ethereal and grounded in the present moment.

My vision of photography is not just technical
; it is deeply artistic and creative. My goal is to capture moments of joy and happiness with a creative perspective, blending an artistic vision with an elegant documentary approach. This means being attentive to subtle details, understanding the unique personality of each couple, the wedding day, and creating a visual narrative that tells their unique story.

I aim to create much more than memories of your special day, but also images that can be passed down within your family, long after your wedding, and that capture the essence of your love and this very special day.

2 - A Natural & Bright Style

Hey! My name is Florent. I am a French photographer based in Provence, capturing love, light, and laughter daily since 2012. I am positive, dynamic by nature and I like meeting new people and telling new stories through images. I find my inspiration in travel, the beautiful landscapes of the South of France and precious moments spent with my loved ones. I speak French and English fluently.

My mission as a photographer is to capture the essence of your big day with unmatched authenticity and elegance. Whether you're planning an intimate wedding in Provence, a grand ceremony on the Côte d'Azur, or a Destination Wedding in Italy (or elsewhere...), I customize my approach to perfectly reflect your story.

1 - About Me

My style is romantic, filled with light, and focused on real moments of great joy.


Your wedding is an intimate and personal event, and I am fully aware of the importance of capturing these precious moments with the utmost respect and discretion. My photography combines passion and creativity, but also respect and discretion in how I tell your union.

A Discreet Presence for Authentic Moments: My approach is to blend into the background of your special day, capturing natural and authentic moments while remaining subtle. I strive to maintain a discretion that allows you and your guests to fully live every moment, while being there to immortalize the smiles, tears, and laughter.

Respect for Your Privacy and Comfort: I deeply respect your space and privacy. Each interaction, each shot is taken with the utmost care to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed. My goal is to capture the beauty and emotion of your day without disrupting the natural flow of events.

Commitment to Couples' Comfort: I work closely with each couple before the wedding to fully understand their expectations and preferences. This understanding allows me to tailor my approach to your personal style and comfort level, ensuring that your photographic experience is as enjoyable as possible.

4 - Discreet and Respectful Presence

Being a Photographer is not only synonymous with technique and creativity but also with my ability to adapt to capture every special moment, wherever you are. As a photographer, the ability to adapt and be flexible is essential.

Experience with an International Clientele: Working with couples from around the world has taught me the importance of adaptability. This has allowed me to develop a sensitivity to various aesthetics and different cultures. This understanding allows me to capture the essence of each couple, regardless of their culture.

Capturing the Beauty of Each Location: Each location, whether it's a secluded beach, a historic castle, or a picturesque vineyard, offers its own magic and challenges. My experience has equipped me with the ability to capture beauty in a variety of settings and situations. I am prepared to handle changes in light, weather, and space, ensuring that the quality of your photos remains constant, no matter the location, weather, or time of day.

Ready to Tell Your Adventure: Understanding that each wedding is a unique journey allows me to accompany you on your adventure, wherever it takes you. My experience and proactive approach mean that I am always ready to capture the unexpected, turning every moment into a testament to this beautiful day.

5 - Flexibility and Adaptability

I strive to create images that are not only qualitative but also meaningful to you. Whether it's capturing small details, intimate moments, or grand bursts of happiness, I am committed to producing images that reflect your personality and love story. Each wedding is a new adventure, a unique story to tell, and I am honored to be able to document it in images.

In constant pursuit of perfection: With an eye for detail and a constant search for perfection, my commitment to excellence means that you can relax and enjoy your day, knowing that your memories are in good hands.
Each wedding is unique, and I am committed to capturing your special day with clarity and beauty for every captured moment. My eye for detail, patience, and perseverance allow me to capture the most fleeting and moving moments, those that truly tell the story of your love.

If you felt a connection to my work, and could see yourself in my photos, get in touch and tell me a little bit about yourself and your wedding plans. I would love to hear them and find a way to work together. 

6 - Pursuit of Quality and Excellence

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Kind Words

Florent, we can't thank you enough for the incredible photos - thank you so much for all the hard work. You really made the experience special and we had so much fun during the shoot. We will treasure these photos and the memories forever! They are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing so beautifully this deeply special moment in our lives.

Tom & Elizabeth

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Kind Words

Florent, we can't thank you enough for the incredible photos - thank you so much for all the hard work. You really made the experience special and we had so much fun during the shoot. We will treasure these photos and the memories forever! They are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing so beautifully this deeply special moment in our lives.

Tom & Elizabeth