I love photographing weddings of all shapes and sizes, both near and far. I have packages and collections you can choose from with full day wedding coverage, things like engagement sessions, albums and slideshows to be sure you have all the coverage you need for you wedding day. But I also know that every wedding day is different and there is no one size fits all option for my couples, so I am happy to customize a package just for you.

If you felt a connection to my work, and could see yourself in my photos, get in touch and tell me a little bit about yourself and your wedding plans. I would love to hear them and find a way to work together.

Send me a message via the contact form or by email at hello@florentvin.com
for receive a full pricing guide with all the details about my Collections.


- What is your approach to wedding photography?

My approach is based on the human, on a bright and natural style of wedding photography.

My goal is to tell in a simple and authentic way every little detail and every moment of this wonderful event that you will soon be living in a few months. My philosophy is to create timeless images that will accompany you and that you will be happy to share and transmit to your loved ones.

- What is your experience?

Professional full-time photographer since 2012. Since then, I have made an average of 25 to 30 weddings a year in France and abroad. I also make commercial photos for different brands, for creators and portraits for individuals. Finally I am also educator through various workshops that I organize for professional photographers wishing to develop in their activity.

- Where can we meet you? in Paris ? in Provence ? abroad ?

I am based near Avignon in the South of France. But I am also very often in Paris, Brussels and London to allow you to meet me. After that I can also offer you more simply and more quickly to meet you via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime.

- How do you work? What is your method of work during a wedding day?

My first goal is to capture all these unique moments, these indescribable sensations to best tell the day you will live. I work for this with photo-journalism techniques, to capture the essence of your wedding day by remaining as discreet as possible. This allows me to keep natural and spontaneity of each scene and ensures a very great discretion, especially during the most important moments (ceremony, preparations, getting ready ...). For the few directed photos (such as your portraits and group photos) I take care of everything and I do what is necessary to make you comfortable. 

- Do you take group photos and traditional family photos?

Yes, I realize all the traditional photos that are required (group photos, delivery of alliances, signatures of the registers ...). I am at your disposal to make all the group photos you want. I always discuss this topic before your wedding to know your expectations and if necessary, organize the photos at best and integrate them in the course of your day.

- Do you propose pre-wedding engagement sessions? or after the wedding?

Yes of course! I propose different and unique photosessions according to your desires. Whether on Paris or in the South of France or abroad. 

- How to book your services?

First feel free to send me a message via the contact form or by email to hello@florentvin.com with the date, place and a very approximate same schedule your wedding. This information will allow me to send you a personalized quote in agreement with your organization.

- How is the payment of your services?

For any booking of a formula for your wedding, I request a deposit upon signing the contract (plus any travel expenses) and the remaining balance 30 days before the date of the wedding. This payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

- How many images do you deliver on average after a wedding?

The number of images you will receive depends on several points: the location of your wedding, the amount of details to photograph and of course the number of hours of reporting. In any case, I always prefer the quality to the quantity of images delivered. On average it takes 40 to 60 images per hour of reporting, an average of 600 photos for a coverage of 12 hours.

- Do you have limits on the time of attendance or the number of photos taken during a day?

No, I never have a limit on the number of hours of presence for a wedding or for the number of photos taken during a report. Whether your wedding coverage lasts only 4 hours or 2 full days. I propose different formulas and options to meet your expectations perfectly. For example a coverage of the day before the wedding (Welcome Event ...) or the day after the wedding day (Brunch...). Each formula is fully customizable to perfectly match your expectations and needs for your wedding.

- How long before our wedding should we book you?

The average is between 6 months and 15 months before the date of your wedding.

Generally, the period from May to September is usually very quickly booked from one year to the next. I advise you, from the wedding's location is confirmed, to finalize the reservation of your providers as soon as possible, to be sure that they are available for the date of your wedding.

- Do you work all over France and abroad?

Absolutely! I am based near Avignon in the South of France but I travel wherever you need me. Travel costs are calculated as accurately (transport costs, hotel ...) and you are given from the first contact by email for each reservation.

- Are travel expenses are included in the prices of packages?

Yes absolutely! Each formula is personalized according to the place of the wedding, possibly the country where the wedding takes place, and each formula includes all the travel expenses for one or two photographers.

- We can not move to meet you before our wedding, can we organize everything from a distance?

Yes of course! All steps and the entire preparation of the wedding can be done remotely, by email, phone or Skype / Facetime. After that if it suits you better we can also envisage one or more appointments when you visit your place of reception during the months preceding your wedding.

- Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to send me a message via the contact form or by email at hello@florentvin.com