Styled Wedding Sessions are perfect if any of the following situations apply to you:

I was fully booked for your wedding day
My full wedding packages fell outside of your budget
You would rather focus wedding coverage on photojournalism & enjoy time with guests.
I captured your wedding but were unable to use ideal locations (geographical constraints).
I captured your wedding but was unable to get many couples photos (time constraints).
If any of these situations apply to you, contact me for more information on pricing for a styled wedding session.

Below are a few sample photos from styled wedding shoots we’ve photographed for our clients:

Should we wear our wedding attire?

This is your decision. Wearing your wedding attire will keep your imagery consistent with your wedding imagery, allowing you to use the photos in your album. Changing your outfit will create an entirely different and unique look and feel.

Should we redo makeup?

Yes, I highly recommend professional makeup. If you want consistency with your wedding photos, I recommend using the same makeup artist as your wedding.

When should we do a styled wedding session?

If you are aiming for consistency with your wedding photos, I recommend doing this session on a date close to your wedding date so that you look similar to the way you look in your wedding photos.

My styled photography sessions are 2-4 hour sessions that occur before or after your wedding day. With perfect locations, ideal lighting conditions, fresh makeup and all the time I need, the set of images I create during these sessions become breathtaking heirlooms enjoyed for generations.