After deciding on a date for our wedding, we began to think about how to organize this great day. Many tasks to be performed and among these. Choose who to put in our wedding picture. And through a friend, we met Florent. He talked about his work and his way to help us prepare for this special day. In short our pictures are fantastic and Florent could not have been more professional. He has this special way to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable, while keeping the right attitude during the marriage. Moreover Florent is really adorable in its approach, so simple and always attentive to enable us to enjoy our wedding. A photographer and love to have on our side was really an honor for us. Watch photos and our wonderful wedding book is a daily pleasure. Choose Florent to photograph our wedding is really the best decision we made.

Clara & Adone


Work with you was a wonderful experience for my wife and me on our wedding day. Three years later, what emerges from our photographer of choice is significant relationship that we have formed with you during our engagement session and the day of our wedding. The photos are of course beautiful but you really managed to both make us comfortable in front of the goal, but also to help us in all this preparation of our marriage. Like everyone else, we do not like foreigners for wedding photos. With you, we had a new friend who shared his love for us and our marriage. And thanks to the time spent together in front and behind the camera, before, during and after our wedding. Our wedding took place in a beautiful property in Provence and thanks to your very serious work of identification, we really had a great place for our wedding. Thank you for all that work and those little "extras" that you gave us for our wedding. We wish you much happiness that you have given us for our wedding.

Karen & David


a Wonderful

How do you give a testimony without falling into the boat testimony and compliments that you must hear so often. No need to tell you that your pictures you delivered to us are superb. You know already! Obviously you are effective and non-intrusive. But we think you're also dreaming photographer for a couple like us, not knowing where to start in the preparation of a wedding. A marriage, although on that dream everyone, but with you it really a good "return" on things to do or not to do. Exactly what we wanted as a photographer. And finally as I imagine many couples would like to have for their wedding. Very open and accommodating, in fact for you there are no problems but only solutions. It's almost annoying so you find solutions to every ideas that you have proposed. And when I think of all the questions we have asked you. You was always passionate about our wedding and never merely the seller of images. And what about our friends and family that you were able to get comfortable in front of your goal, although some are still "hesitant" to take the pose. You managed to unearth stunning locations for our couples photos. In addition to your great work, we met a passionate person and that is priceless. Thank you!

Natasha & Andrew

When Florent happened to our marriage, it was like that old family friend to dinner. It is open, simple, easy to talk to each guest. In fact the secret is to go fast and win the necessary confidence to better capture every precious moment. In fact he had somehow lost his camera and is "almost" became a guest. At least in appearance, because it is nerdy and he knows how to find the right place at the right time (while making it invisible). In short I say more, he has managed to capture this kind of unique moments and candid throughout our marriage. We recommend that each couple wishing a simple photographer, discreet but essential.

Sara & Michael

A big thank you for the "invaluable" assistance in the preparation of our marriage. An enthusiastic and dedicated photographer in his work. After making two sessions portraits we felt so comfortable. On the wedding day, he insisted that we're really relaxed and really put us at ease. Allow us to make the most of this special day was his goal. This has resulted in beautiful pictures. Thanks to the work, Florent was able to show us special moments that are usually missed during a wedding day. We never felt a photographer intrusion on us. The pictures showed us a different story - a story with little details often forgotten, full of life and love. After seeing the end result of all the pictures of our wedding - it is clear that the work is impressive by both images, as by the small details and little things for us.

Linda & Jordan


He has this special way to make 

feel at ease and comfortable


we met a passionate



it was like that old family

to dinner


Florent was able to show us special

that are usually missed